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*Thai Money Bags (5pc): Small pastry parcels filled with vegetables and prawns served with sweet chilli sauce - $10.90

*Potato Prawns (6pc): Fried prawns wrapped with potato, served with sweet chilli sauce - $11.90

*Thai Fish Cakes (6pc): Minced fish fillets mixed with red curry + finely shredded kaffir lime leaves + finely choppd beans - $11.90


B3: Stir-fry market fish fillets in red curry paste + kaffir lime leaves + basil leaves and Thai herbs - $22.90

B4: Stir-fry chicken with panang curry paste + kaffir lime leaves + basil leaves + coconut cream (GFO) - $19.90

B5: Stir-fry beef  with fresh garlic and mint leaves + Thai herbs (GFO) - Beef: $19.90 

B6: Seafood red curry (King prawns + Fish filltts + Mussels) (GFO) - $24.90

B7: Fried rice with blue swimmer crab meat with egg in Thai style (GFO) - $16.90


LARP DUCK SALAD- Roasted duck breast tossed in a mixture of Thai herbs + lemon juice + chilli powder + fresh mint leaves (GFO) - Entree $13.90  Main $24.90

PAHD NUM PIK PHAO BUG-TAIL - Stir fry Bug-tail meat in roasted chilli paste + snow peas + broccoli + mushroom + Fresh chilli - $34.90


 NOTE: GFO - Gluten Free Option

Additional cost for GFO